So, what exactly do we do?

EMEP does 2 main things:

1. we train teachers and principals to start or develop extra-mural programmes at their schools
2. we help connect the schools to relevant people or organisations who may help them with extra-murals/services.
This part of the programme involves the facilitation of partnerships.

1: EMEP therefore takes 2 educators, per school, on 30 full days of training, which comprises of 8 modules.
Principals and another 4 teachers from each schools, then receive 6 full days of training. The 6 teachers trained
by EMEP form an Extra-Mural Management Team, supported by the school principal.

2: EMEP also supports this team, at school, on site and connects them to individuals and organisations
who may assisst with resources and services.

The most advanced EMEP programme, the CDP, involves one EMEP staff member actually working at 2 schools.
There are 3 such people currently doing this work, at 6 schools. These 6 schools are divided into 3 streams:
a) child and youth, b) parents and family and c) the community, with one EMEP staff member working in one stream.
A school will spend 2 years in each of the 3 streams.