Interns and volunteers share their extra-mural passions and expertise at EMEP partner schools.

EMEP frequently receives inquiries from young people from around the world and locally who are
interested in volunteering in the extra-mural sector in South African Schools. We place volunteers
at various network schools, doing our best to match their individual extra-mural skills and passions
with the needs and interests of the schools. It is very helpful if volunteers have their own transport,
as they are then able to be free agents and can come and go as they please.

Our research team, comprised of Sarah Bliss and Adam Cooper, conduct research in all of our programmes
and are happy to coordinate with students who want to carry out similar research, through EMEP. It would
be best if you emailed Adam ( or Sarah (, with your ideas. If you
would like to help out in the research department, this is also possible.