For a small group of network schools willing to take on and demonstrate the whole extra-mural, community hub model over the long term. The CDP is a higher level 3 programme aimed at a select number of graduate schools who are active members of the Network and who wish deeply to take on the whole hub model into their organisational, curricular, and community lives.

This is a long-term, 6 – 10 year development journey where each school specialises in each of the three ‘development streams’ of the Community Hub model:

1. child and youth involvement, development, and support
2. parent and family involvement, development, and support
3. community involvement, development, and support.

Main activities:

Continuous, whole-staff personal, professional, and organisational development support, training, & mentoring:

  • residential and non-residential training and learning fora
  • on-site mentoring
  • cluster support

Involvement practices and systems for staff, children & youth, parents & families, and community members

Consequence systems

Participatory school media

Portfolio Teams & Dev Desks

Weekly school visits

Special Projects

Volunteer placements

Action research

School & community leagues, functions, and festivals

Formative and summative assessments.

Main beneficiaries:

1. Principals and Deputies
2. Educators
3. Members of school management teams
4. Learners
5. SGBs
6. Drop-out youth
7. Parents & Families
8. Community groups
9. District officials


6 – 10 year programme.

Maximum of 6 schools per intake.

2 – 3 years per each of three development streams:

  1. child & youth
  2. parent & family
  3. community

Intensive, residential and non-residential modular training courses, w/shops, on-/off-site, and cluster support.

Bi-weekly visits

Monthly mentoring