The Network Programme gives further training, mentoring, and support to graduate schools to apply their learnings on site and, vitally, to share, build, and spread good practice in a growing community of practitioners. The Network is the vehicle for a provincial and eventually national movement of extra-mural hub schools. This is supported by the provincial and national education ministries. The Network is open to schools that have completed the entry-level programme and wish to continue on the path of developing their schools as community hubs.

In the above regard, schools’ selection for the level 1 programme is contingent, inter alia, upon their being willing to participate actively in the Network Programme. This is based on the understanding that the real work of development is the application of the learnings in their schools and communities, with the children, colleagues, and families. This can happen coherently only after the training and is a long-term journey needing creatively sustained support. Schools that participate in the Network Programme collaborate in innovative, extra-mural and community hub activities, from learning forums and leagues to extra-mural festivals and colloquia. They are supported by EMEP to serve as demionstration sites in their circuits and districts in order to spread their learnings and results as widely as possible. Network schools are eligible for ongoing development opportunities that include further training and support, special projects, personal and professional development journeys, and study trips.



EMEP is regularly approached by external service providers and funders supportive of our model who are looking to work with/invest in worthy schools capable of taking up and sustaining their offerings. Those partnerships that complement our work are offered as special extra-mural opportunities to eligible Network Schools.


Interns and volunteers share their extra-mural passions and expertise at EMEP partner schools.
EMEP frequently receives inquiries from young people from around the world and locally who are interested in volunteering in the extra-mural sector in South African Schools. We place volunteers at various network schools, doing our best to match their individual extra-mural skills and passions with the needs and interests of the schools.


Main activities:

Further personal, professional, and organisational development support, training, & mentoring for graduate schools:

  • residential and non-residential training and learning fora

  • on-site mentoring

  • cluster support

  • School visits
  • Joint newsletters
  • Special Projects
  • Volunteer placements
  • Action research assignments
  • School & community leagues, functions, and festivals
  • Formative and summative assessments.

Main beneficiaries: Personnel and communities From Level 1 BSW graduate schools

1. principals, deputies, educators, managers, governors
2. district officials
3. students
4. parents & families
5. community groups


  • Ongoing, Optional residential and non-residential training

  • New cohorts of schools join Network every two to three years

  • Regular site visits

  • Quarterly meetings

  • Annual colloquia and festivals