Help 2 Read Volunteer Kareema Dollie.
Sid G. Rule Primary School
Aug – Nov 2009

I started with Help 2 read in August 2009 at Sid G. Rule Primary School. We were all supposed to have two learners, but I had six! With the Help 2 Read Programme we are able to assist learners to improve their reading and spelling skills. I had the most wonderful experience with all six learners. They made it easy for me to be a confident volunteer and I gave them the confidence to read without difficulty which they did with pride! With Help 2 Read we – the learners and I – improved on our knowledge and our love for books grew even bigger. I have been with the project for 6 months and I don’t intend to stop because I believe I can make a difference in a child’s life. I can help a learner to love books and the library to he his/her second home. I am already trying to get more ladies to volunteer because giving is better than receiving. The Smile, the Thank You and the enthusiasm the learner has is enough to make anyone want to volunteer, and never give up.

Parent volunteer and librarian at Sid G Rule
The sky’s the limit

The response to the school library at Sid G Rule has been absolutely phenomenal. Being exposed to this kind of learning environment has enabled the learners to open their minds and hearts to the knowledge it holds. They are like sponges, lapping up everything they see and hear. I am astounded each day by their enthusiasm. Each day I am bombarded with questions like: “Miss, when can I come to the library?” With all the information at their fingertips, lots of the learners have become “bookworms” wanting to read more and more each day. The library has allowed them quiet time when they need. They are also able to do projects and assignments and thus they can complete their tasks on time. In the six months we have been open many learners have developed a love for reading and we have been inundated with requests for certain books and authors. Hopefully we will be able to assist them in the future. I am honoured to be a part of this wonderful experience. We at Sid G Rule Primary School have manyexciting visions and projects planned for the future and want all families of our wonderful school to take this wonderful journey with us!

Laeeka Osman: Parent Volunteer, Sid G. Rule Primary School

When I first realised how many children in Grade 1 could not read as well as my daughter, I was very surprised. At this time I was assisting my daughter’s teacher in her class and she informed me about Help 2 Read. I jumped at the chance to do my bit and became a volunteer. I was assigned to two children, and my experiences with the two of them were very different. One was shy, and the other was all over the place. This resulted in two very different types of sessions. The shy child struggled to break up words and make sense of simple sounds. This made her even more self-conscious. I kept telling her that the only way to learn is by making mistakes. By telling her this, she gained more confidence to try and say the words that she struggled with. The other child had no problems with reading or sounds. He preferred to speed through each sentence. This caused him to read the words incorrectly and skip words like ‘the’, ‘a’, and ‘it’ etc. I kept telling him to take his time and to look at each word he reads. But it just wasn’t about getting the words right. We chatted and played games. We got to know each other as much as we could in our short time together. The other kids in their class would ask me when I would come to fetch them!I will continue being a volunteer. This programme is amazing as it gives these kids the chance to be listened to. In the classroom they are told to listen to the teacher and the teacher doesn’t have the time to listen to each child in her classroom. It would be so easy for these kids to fall through the ‘cracks’ and lose their chance to ‘fall in love’ with reading.