‘Beyond The School Wall –

Developing Extra-Mural Opportunities’ (BSW)


The BSW training-and-support programme is a two-year course offered to principals,
deputies, teachers, and managers who wish to develop their schools as extra-mural community hubs.

BSW is EMEP’s flagship development training and support programme for entry-level schools.
This programme comprises a series of training modules and on-site support for Principals, Deputies, Educators and Management Teams of participating schools. It increases the capacity of trainees to develop and manage vibrant and coherent extra-murals.

The Objectives of this Training Programme are to:

  • develop the professional capacity of the Teacher-Manager Trainees as Extra-Mural Development Practitioners (EMDPs)
  • institutionalise the development of extra-murals (i.e. integrate and expand extra-murals into the ongoing roles and responsibilities of school staff, learners, managers and governors
  • use the school effectively as a Community Hub
  • benefit learners and improve effectiveness of the school.

Training modules cover the following topics:

  • strengthening and initiating extra-murals and incorporating them into the school curriculum and timetable
  • broadening the range of extra-murals on offer and making them more inclusive
  • methods of increasing the involvement of educators and learners
  • enhancing holistic pedagogy in both the classroom and after-class settings
  • using existing resources optimally
  • personal and professional development
  • understanding and facilitating change
  • working collaboratively
  • developing good planning, management and partnership practices
  • policy development to enable easy and safe access to school facilities for the whole-school community and external partners, both during and after-class.

Main Activities of the BSW programme:

Personal and professional devtraining & mentoring

  • residential and non-residential training
  • on-site mentoring
  • cluster support.
  • residential and non-residential
  • on-site w/shops
  • cluster support.

Organisational development processes

  • Research and practical assignments
  • School & community leagues, functions, and festivals.
  • Summative assessments
  • Graduation.

Training is rooted in Organisational Development principles and uses active and practical methods. An action-learning, activity-centered approach is used in all EMEP trainings. Emphasis is placed on participants experiencing new methods directly, and implementing them in their school as a means of fulfilling course requirements.

Main beneficiaries of the programme: Primary and secondary school personnel including:

  • principals
  • deputies
  • educators
  • SMT members
  • support staff


2½ year programme.

Maximum of 20 schools per intake.

Year 1: intensive, residential modular training courses, w/shops, and cluster support.

Year 2: regular on-site and cluster level mentoring and support.

Year 3: graduation: graduate schools join the Network Programme.