A Significant Success Story At Hawston School

In the last year, the most significant thing that has happened at Hawston Primary school is how the life of the ballroom instructor have been transformed by the fact that he has found meaning in his life. At the holiday programme during the June school holidays, one of the collaborative team members who new Erlan Matinka, asked him to do a ballroom demonstration for the kids at the holiday programme as well as showing them some ballroom moves. He agreed as ballroom is his passion and he has previously danced professionally. The objective was to give Erlan something to do to keep him busy with as he had just returned for the third time after he had been to a rehab for the third time and he so much wanted to change from this habit of his. He came there with a partner and they demonstrated the moves to the kids which the kids enjoyed tremendously.

At the end of the time spent with the children I asked Erlan if he would be interested in starting ballroom as an extra-mural at the school at the children’s request. There was a sparkle in his eyes and he said “yes”. We met a few days later and discussed a plan which would at the same time bringing some income for him as he was unemployed at that stage. We discussed the plan with the principal of Hawston school who received this with great enthusiasm and Erlan started the process on a voluntary basis for a period of one month in order to draw interest from the children and to see who has the passion for ballroom among the children. The extra mural started off with 40 children and have to date dwindled to 25 committed children who are now paying participants and the programme takes place immediately after school. He has also subsequently started an adult grouping the Thusong hall with paying adult participants. When I had a recent conversation with him about the well-being of the group his words to me was “I have found meaning for my life and it can only get better”.